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Our story

When the invasion of Ukraine caused waves of traumatized women and children to seek safety and shelter in neighbouring countries, European Brainspotting trainers came together to organize immediate support for first responders and volunteers on the ground assisting arriving refugees.


Spontaneously, a webinar "How to support in Crisis, including powerful insights of Brainspotting" was organized, so these first responders could learn new techniques that can aid their efforts to support refugees.


This joint effort has given rise to further support from the international Brainspotting community - specialist training webinars hosted by our trainers, free-of-charge individual Brainspotting treatments and closed-group  consultation  meetings for volunteers and therapists in Ukraine. 

On July 3, 2023 the Branspotting Help Foundation was established to ensure we can provide long term support and on September 1, 2023 we have arranged individual therapy for 100th person affected by the war. 

We currently have 5 consultation groups for volunteers and for Ukrainian therapists. We have facilitated free Brainspotting basic and specialty training for more than 20 Ukrainian therapists. And we are providing cash subsidies for those Ukrainian therapists who are working in the affected areas, who have suffered financial or property losses in the war or spend most of their time working pro bono.

We are grateful to all our volunteers and donors for their continued support to make all this possible!

I would like to thank the entire team and my specialist personally for their help in solving my problem. Every meeting brought me pleasure. Since we started our meetings, I have never had a panic attack. I feel happy and confident now. Thank you for the work you do for people. For your professionalism, empathy and sincerity. I hug you tightly!

Victoria, Ukrainian refugee,  September 2023

I asked for help 2 months ago. The problem was depression, lack of physical and emotional strength. There was a feeling that you don't want to live like this, but you don't have the strength to do anything.

At the sessions… I  don't know how it works, but it does. I gained strength and a desire to improve my life. Thank you very much. It's great that there are such projects. Thank you again.

Anna B., Ukraine, August 2023

"I have already had three sessions... and should say the idea of Brainspotting method not only looks very interesting but also works for me" 

Ukrainian refugee, November '22

"Brainspotting therapy to me is a game changer.  It has been so far the most effective help I have ever got..."

Ukrainian refugee, November '22

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