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Book description:

Aaliyah wants to tell you how she went from feeling scared and sad to joyful and strong. She learned that where you look affects how you feel and that, if you focus on the right spot, those uncomfortable feelings in your body can get smaller and smaller until POOF, they're gone!


"A Special Place In My Brain" talks to kids about how, when very difficult things happen, our brains hold on to those memories as well as the uncomfortable feelings that go with them, until we do something to heal and let them go. Aaliyah, the main character, talks kids through the process of finding a Brainspot(TM) for a negative memory or issue and focusing mindfully on the sensations, thoughts, and feelings that are ‘held’ within that spot.


She lets kids know that during this mindfulness-based process, they might experience different kinds of feelings and sensations until eventually, the discomfort gets smaller and can even go away completely. At the end of the book, there is an explanation for parents and caregivers about how to guide and support kids through this healing activity. There are also resources and other helpful tools included that will complement the information in the book.


This book is not intended to replace professional support for psychological issues that the child might have. The author has used this approach with hundreds of children and adults with great success and wishes your child all the best in their healing journey.


The purchase of this book has aided in Brainspotting research and the translation and promotion of the Arabic, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Urdu, French (and hopefully more) language versions that will be available for free to millions of refugees/displaced persons across the world. The hope is to reach as many kids as possible that are in need of healing through their stressful experiences.


Thank you for being a part of their healing journeys as well!

Josh Delahan, LCSW, Author

Paperback version is available for purchase on Amazon: Click here

English-Ukrainian version available in PDF format for free download

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