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Each recording available with a donation of $50

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Foreign language translations - to check if your language is available write to

Available lectures:

Expansion Brainspotting for Healing Clients in Crisis

with Lisa Larson LMFT

Learn how to use Expansion Brainspotting to support clients experiencing severe trauma and unbearable loss.

Recorded: February 21, 2024 / 1h 40 minutes

Live Brainspotting session for a recent traumatic event

Observe Monika Baumann, Brainspotting Trainer, work as the Brainspotting therapist in real-time with John Edwards, the client, who experienced a recent traumatic event. Process and discussion. 

Recorded: February 17, 2024 / 2h 30 minutes

The Neuroexperiential Model in Times of Crises

with David Grand, PhD

Recorded: December 13, 2023 / 1h 10 minutes

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