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War in Ukraine


Our specialty training webinars raise funds for mental health support of those affected.

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This webinar has taken place on September 13, 2023 and registration is no longer possible.


Jennifer Alexander is a certified Brainspotting specialty trainer, consultant, and therapist who specializes in the treatment of trauma and addictions with an emphasis on difficult to engage populations such as first responders, military personnel, and their families. Jennifer has over 30 years of combined experience in the field as a former first responder and current licensed marriage and family therapist. She has responded to multiple natural disasters and has coordinated services for BSP humanitarian and disaster response.

About the lecture

This training will provide practical tools related to crisis and/or disaster response.  We will review common stress reactions, when and how to implement BSP effectively, what brain health trends look like during a disaster, and provide practical coping strategies for all ages. In addition, we will review an in-depth use of the Window of Tolerance and critical incident timelines for engagement and assessment across all disaster stages.

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