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Resources for survivors

Brainspotting Help after the Maui Fires

After experiencing a disaster, such as the Maui fires, many are left with on-going disturbing thoughts, nightmares, troublesome feelings or uncomfortable body sensations that make it difficult to move forward in the healing process. Our brains are hardwired to survive and adapt. After a disaster like the Maui fire, a normal response is to feel disassociated and fragmented in the beginning. It would be too much, too fast for us to deal with all the loss at once. It is a process to start feeling better and each of us will all do it in our own way and time. 


To learn more:

Brainspotting Help after the Maui Fires PDF

Prepared by: Kathy Nussbaum, APRN


Disaster Stress

Disaster stress is a normal response to a tragic experience. It may last days, weeks, or months. It may not even show up until weeks after the disaster. 

To learn about normal reactions to disaster stress and what things can help:

Disaster Stress PDF

Prepared by: Kathy Nussbaum, APRN

Resources Related to Children

How Children Express Grief  PDF - For Parents & Schools

Childhood Traumatic Grief PDF - For Parents

Following a Disaster PDF - For Schools

Helping Children after a Disaster PDF - For Parents

Helping Children after a Death PDF - For Parents

Explaining Death to Young Children PDF - For Parents

Discussion/Journal Questions – After the Fire PDF - For Parents & Counselors

Discussion/Journal Questions – After a Death PDF - For Parents & Counselors

Grief Activities PDF - For Parents, Counselors & Teachers

Calming Exercises PDF - For Parents & Teachers

Imagination Activities for Calming & Healing PDF - For Parents & Counselors

Prepared by: Kathy Nussbaum, APRN

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