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Image by Caspian Dahlström
Support the Brainspotting Help Foundation

Our mission is to provide emotional support, Brainspotting and healing for those affected by war and natural disasters.​

Brainspotting Help connects affected people with volunteer therapists from around the world who are willing to offer free online support.

Since March, 2022 we have been offering free individual therapy sessions for both those living in Ukraine as well as refugees who have fled their homeland.

We have also implemented a 3-pronged approach to support Ukrainian mental health professionals. This includes free specialty training, consultation group meetings and small cash subsidies for Ukrainian volunteers who work in the most impacted areas of Ukraine as well as refugee communities.


In September 2023 we created a support system for survivors of wildfires on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. Several Brainspotting Help volunteers went to support the local therapists and schools on the ground while more than 70 volunteers from around the world offered free online brainspotting sessions to survivors.

Our volunteers are at the heart of this work. Trainers, consultants, therapists  and coaches all find joy in generously donating their time and their expertise to those in need.

But we also depend on donations to fund administrative expenses, compensation to Ukrainian translators, and cash subsidies for Ukranian mental health volunteers who work in the most affected areas.


If you or your organization would like to join our amazing team by making a donation to ensure our work continues, please use our online donation form


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