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Brainspotting Help connects people affected by war trauma with psychotherapists from around the world who volunteer to provide free-of-charge therapy sessions.

We bring emotional support, hope and healing to survivors of war trauma in Ukraine and refugees. Whether they are trying to survive in war conditions or have fled the country to seek shelter and safety from the violence, they need help coping with difficult life-changing circumstances and paralyzing emotional, and often physical, symptoms of psychological trauma.

Another way we help those affected by the war is by helping those who support them - mental health professionals, first responders and humanitarian workers. We offer them specialist training, individual and closed-group consultation, all free-of-charge, so they can learn helpful trauma treatment techniques that can be implemented in their own efforts to help the war-affected.

The project depends on the dedicated effort and generosity of so many of our volunteers - trainers, consultants and therapists - who donate their precious time.

And we couldn't do it without the hard work of our Ukrainian translators who translate training materials and interpret individual therapy sessions, training webinars and group consultation meetings.


We depend on donations to fund administrative expenses of the project, urgent needs of those most affected and to offer compensation to our full time coordinators and translators. 

Support us by donating. Any amount helps. Thank you!

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