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Join our efforts to help the war-affected

Brainspotting Help Humanitarian Project is a collaborative effort of the international community of Brainspotting trainers and practitioners to provide emotional support and access to the benefits of Brainspotting for those who are most in need.

We connect people affected by war trauma, in Ukraine and refugees, with volunteers from anywhere in the world who have availability to provide free-of-charge online therapy sessions.

Our volunteers get professional support in the form of group meetings with experienced consultants and free access to our advanced training webinars presented by renowned Brainspotting trainers.

If you volunteer with us, you will also be supported by an experienced Ukrainian translator who will coordinate and facilitate sessions with your clients.

If you can set aside at least 1 hour per week in your schedule to work pro bono with those affected by trauma of war and displacement, please get in touch:

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