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War in Ukraine

Our specialty training webinars raise funds for mental health support of those affected.

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Affective Touch System

Monday, October 2

9:30 AM Pacific / 12:30 PM Eastern / 6:30 PM Central Europe

Presented by Dr. phil. Dr. scient. med. Damir del Monte

Zoom, 90 minutes, English with translation to German, Polish, Ukrainian and Spanish.

Please note: this event will not be recorded


Dr. Damir del Monte holds doctorates in psychology and medical sciences and is an eminent brain expert, neuroscientist, leading authority on psychotraumatology and world-renowned lecturer. Dr. del Monte is a managing director of Encephalon Institute, lecturer in “Functional Neuroanatomy” and “Neurobiology of Psychotherapy” and holds teaching positions at various European universities. He is also a freelance researcher at the Institute for Synergetics and Psychotherapy Research.

About the lecture

Unlike other senses, touch is not optional for healthy human development. People can be born blind and deaf and still lead well-functioning and satisfying lives. Disruption of the sense of touch prenatally or a lack of touch in the early years of life results in lasting deleterious effects.

A complete absence of the sense of touch would probably not be compatible with life. Early physical contact thus represents a natural preventive intervention that has a positive impact on physical and psychosocial health.


In this lecture Dr. Dr. Damir del Monte will explain, how the affective touch system is built and why it is so powerful and significant for the human being.

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