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"We are traumatized alone, but we heal together..."

Dr. David Grand

Brainspotting Help is a humanitarian project supported by the international community of Brainspotting trainers and practitioners. We work together to bring emotional support, hope and healing in times of crisis.


Brainspotting is a cutting-edge therapeutic technique proven to be effective in healing trauma. It is a powerful, precise, laser-like tool that can locate, process and release memories of traumatic experiences. It can be integrated to supplement other healing methods, including traditional talk therapy. 

"Brainspotting therapy to me is a game changer.
It has been so far the most effective help I have ever got..."

Ukrainian refugee, November '22

Discovered by Dr. David Grand in his New York practice in 2003, it rapidly gained in popularity and now the method is well-established and widely used around the world. To learn more, visit or the website of your local Brainspotting organization. 

When the war in Ukraine began, Brainspotting trainers and practitioners came together to offer emotional support and treatment for those impacted - victims, refugees and first responders. We are here to support anyone who is suffering, no matter where they are coming from. When it comes to helping people in need, there are no borders.

To learn more - read Our Story

If you are in need of support - go to Request free therapy

If you are  willing to support - please Donate or Volunteer

Visit How we help to see how we support those affected by the war in Ukraine

"..after gaining the inner picture that my life currently is like a stormy sea...
Abstract underwater scene, Coron , Palawan, Philippines..jpg
...but in the depth, there is still peaceful silence... I started to feel capable of acting and allowed myself to hope again!"
(client after Brainspotting therapy) 
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