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Upcoming webinar:

The 6 F's of Trauma Response and Dissociation in Times of Crisis

With Connie Johnshoy-Currie, Psy.D.

Wednesday, June 26


Brainspotting Help connects survivors of wars and natural disasters with mental health professionals volunteering to offer pro bono psychological support.

Our volunteers speak the following languages: English, Ukrainian, German, Polish, Spanish, Hebrew, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and Armenian. We help regardless of race, ethnicity, creed or nationality.

Brainspotting is a revolutionary therapeutic approach that has proven effective in healing trauma.


Brainspotting locates points in the visual field that help to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. It was discovered and developed by David Grand, Ph.D. after a breakthrough with a client in his New York practice in 2003. It can immediately address many issues that talk therapy alone can take years to heal. 


Brainspotting therapy has reduced symptoms of psychological trauma among war-affected clients in Ukraine and refugees treated by Brainspotting Help volunteers.  

"Brainspotting therapy to me is a game changer.
It has been so far the most effective help I have ever got..."

Ukrainian refugee, November '22

I would like to say a huge thank you for this program, especially to my therapist. It was very easy, simple and productive to work with her. 

Daria, Ukraine, March 2024

When you live with a lot of fears, they prevent you from living your life to the fullest. You do everything like a robot because you have to. I lived like that for two years and couldn't dare to take a step to change anything. Thanks to the sessions, I discovered, received, and understood a lot.
I am grateful to my therapist for her understanding and support.

Oleksandra, Ukraine, March 2024

I am very grateful for your support and your work. It helped me a lot... I feel much more stable now. Thank you!!!!

Ukraine, February 2024

Thanks for helping me. Brainspotting is a super method. I'm grateful to my therapist... she is empathetic, gentle and positive.

Tetiana, Ukrainian refugee,  January 2024

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the entire Brainspotting Help team. This help in our conditions is invaluable! I noticed that the best effect of psychological help I get is from those who live in peace. The warmth of their hearts warms me amidst the stresses I face every day. And also a low bow to my therapist for her deep and sincere support!

Julia, Ukraine,  January 2024

A very experienced psychologist. Her work brought great results.

Karol, December 2023

I would like to thank the entire team and my specialist personally for their help in solving my problem. Every meeting brought me pleasure. Since we started our meetings, I have never had a panic attack. I feel happy and confident now. Thank you for the work you do for people. For your professionalism, empathy and sincerity. I hug you tightly!

Victoria, Ukrainian refugee,  September 2023

I asked for help 2 months ago. The problem was depression, lack of physical and emotional strength. There was a feeling that you don't want to live like this, but you don't have the strength to do anything.

At the sessions… I  don't know how it works, but it does. I gained strength and a desire to improve my life. Thank you very much. It's great that there are such projects. Thank you again.

Anna, Ukraine, August 2023

"I have already had three sessions... and should say the idea of Brainspotting method not only looks very interesting but also works for me" 

Ukrainian refugee, November '22

"Brainspotting therapy to me is a game changer.  It has been so far the most effective help I have ever got..."

Ukrainian refugee, November '22

"..after gaining the inner picture that my life currently is like a stormy sea...
Abstract underwater scene, Coron , Palawan, Philippines..jpg
...but in the depth, there is still peaceful silence... I started to feel capable of acting and allowed myself to hope again!"
(client after Brainspotting therapy) 
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