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Your help is urgently needed!

Currently, due to increasing numbers of people requesting help, we must place non-English speaking clients on the waiting list. There are volunteers ready to help them, but we need funds for professional translation.​

We also have volunteer psychologists trained in Brainspotting on the ground. But many are themselves refugees and in great need of financial support. So we provide them with a $15 per session cash subsidy.​

How you can help:

Donate $60 and you will take 1 person off the waiting list and provide them with 4 sessions of psychological first aid. 


Donate $120 and you will help 2 people.

To make a quick donation, click on one of the buttons to go directly to the payment page. To donate a different amount, or if you need an invoice or have any special requests, use the donation form below.

​Use this form to make a donation by credit/debit card. To learn more about how we help and how your donation will be spent, click here

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