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The 6 F's of Trauma Response and Dissociation in Times of Crisis

Presented by: Connie Johnshoy-Currie Psy.D.

Wednesday, June 26
AM Pacific | 12 PM Eastern | 6 PM Central Europe

Registration opens on April 15, 2024

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Connie Johnshoy-Currie, Psy.D. has almost 40 years of experience in the field of mental health as a clinical psychologist licensed in the State of California and renowned therapist specializing in treatment of complex PTSD, trauma, and pain.

As a Specialty Brainspotting Trainer she has prepared many BSP practitioners to work with complex trauma, Dissociative Identity Phenomena (DIP) and Inner Parts Work. Connie has developed BlindSpotting ©, teaching how to identify and resolve personal blind spots, which limit an individual's ability to excel in life and interpersonal relationships.

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